A beautiful You! Social Media vs. Self-Love

Living in a world full of “likes” and “followers” the heat is on to be the “most popular”. The best dressed, the best hair, the best body, the best make-up and the “” emptiest inside. 

Empty from the lack of true love for “self”. Feeling like the world loves you is great until you realize the world doesn’t love you. 

What happened to the simple things in life? Who knew that people would define who they are off people they have never met? 

Non-sense and blank stares. Where is the logic? Did I miss the memo? Self-love and beauty come from within. Sometimes “self” forgets how precious he or she is.

Know you are beautiful and that the only person that can define you is you. Whether you have 100 followers, or a million followers just know you are important and simply beautiful. A beautiful you!

Tamela Rowe

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